1. Development Of Training Content

2. Androgogy And Methodology

3. Management Of Training And Training Establishments

4. Trainer/Faculty Development

5. Use Of Technology To Bring Innovation In Training.

6. Award For An Individual For Contribution/Innovation In Training

(i) Development Of Training Content: Developing training content entails developing training materials for trainees—manuals, course guides, handbooks, workbooks, documents, case studies, study materials, classroom/teaching and reference materials and aids etc.

(ii) Androgogy And Methodology: Andragogy is the theory and practice of education of adults. It arose from the practice of pedagogy to address the specific needs in the education of adults or adult learning. The training methodology for adult learning is determined by the training objective and the outcome an event seeks to achieve. This includes tools and techniques used to train the trainees on a given topic. These tools can be many, such as lecture, role-play, group discussion/syndicates and brainstorming, case study, exercises, computer assisted learning, short videos/film, project work ,programmed learning, etc.

(iii) Management Of Training And Training Establishments: Training establishments mean training institutions, infrastructure for training facilities; institutional, human, financial resources of the training institute. Management of training means overall management of trainings

(iv)Trainer/Faculty Development : It is about developing the competencies and capabilities of trainers/faculty by providing them opportunities to upgrade themselves with latest knowledge, techniques and technology, in their respective domains

(v)  Use Of Technology To Bring Innovation In Training : It is about integrating the traditional method of training with the global best practices tools and technologies to bring more impact in training.

(vi) Award For An Individual For Contribution/Innovation In Training : The individual award for contribution/innovation in training is to facilitate and recognize the efforts of the individual trainers and to encourage the training fraternity.