About the Symposium (NSET)

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“A customer is the most important visitor, on our premises.He is not dependent on us, we aredependent on him.He is not an interruption on work, he is the purpose of it.He is not an outsider to our business, he is part of it.We are not doing him a favor by serving him, he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do it.”--- M. K Gandhi


1stNational Symposium on Excellence in Training (NSET) was organized with the overarching objective to provide an annual national platform to training fraternity for experience sharing, exposure and showcasing of global best practices and expertise. The 2nd NSETis designed with the citizen centric governance at the core of all its sessions. It aims to provide exposure on innovations in training with the primary focus on increasing capabilities of trainers, training managers and administrators of National/State Training Institutes, and emphasizing the need to focus the overall aim of training towards developing and sustaining a citizen centric attitude to ensure efficient public service delivery.


Format of the National Symposium:

The 2nd NSET will focus on integrating citizen centricity in all aspects of training including management of training institutions, design of training content and methodology, and development of competency of trainers/faculty.  The National Symposium will be preceded by four one-day Regional Symposia on Excellence in Training (RSET),and will be held in four regions (North, South, East, West) in partnership with one State Administrative Training Institution in the region, annually, on rotational basis. Each RSET will be organized on one thematic area of training namely, Development of Training Content; Androgogy and Methodology; Management of Training and Training Establishment; Trainer/Faculty Developments, on rotation, in each region. The RSET will provide a platform for sharing and exposure to best practices in the region. The sessions will include panel discussions and workshops on the thematic area with a focus on two key areas namely, monitoring and evaluation in training; and attitudinal orientation of government functionaries towards citizen service/citizen centric administration. The learnings and outcomes on citizen centricity from the four RSET will be merged with the outcomes of National Symposium sessions.

The 2ndNSET will have Plenary Technical sessions by international/national experts on Developing a Comprehensive Training strategy with the core theme of developing training strategiesfocusing on Citizen Centric administration; Induction Training and its importance in attitudinal orientation towards public service delivery; Integrating evaluation and assessments into training; Using Case Studies as an Innovative training methodology, Developing effective trainers/faculty; Building and Managing Training Establishments. These sessions are intended to provide exposure to latest techniques; showcase success stories in implementing citizen oriented trainings and managing efficient establishments; help develop higher standards in training, foster learning and sharing networks; and offer an opportunity to interact with national and international experts in the field of training.

In addition, the 2nd NSET will also showcase work (publications, best practices, etc.) of DoPT, Central and State Training institutions and partner agencies in an Exhibition.

The 2nd NSET will alsorecognize and award individuals, groups and institutions doing exemplary work in training.  To instill a culture of quality and excellence in organizations,the National Symposium will have a session on presentations by the awardees on select good practices/innovations by CTIs/ATIs/Ministries/Departments/Individuals in five thematic areas of: Development of training content; Androgogy and Methodology; Management of Training and Training Establishments; Trainer/Faculty Development; Use of technology to bring innovation in training. Five presentations will receive an Award for Excellence in Training and a sixth award will be given to an individual for contribution/innovation in training. 

The NSET through a dynamic website (http://nset.gov.in) will provide continuous updates on the Symposium; receive registrations for participation in NSET and entries for awards will also be submitted online. The NSET website will provide links to the four Regional symposia; offer discussion platforms for trainers and interactive link with experts and will serve as a contact hub for continuous networking. A compendium of cases studies for use by faculty/trainers and of the awards will also be available on the website. The proceedings of the Symposium will be webcasted live for wider outreach.

Expected Outcomes: The National Symposiums is expected to improve the capability of trainers in delivering quality training to address competency gaps at various levels, which in turn will lead to efficient, and citizen centric public service delivery. The Symposium will emphasize the significance of aligning organizational mission, culture, work and trainings with the core theme of promoting Citizen Centricity in government functioning and will showcase experiences in training design, content and methodology that have promoted a citizen oriented attitude. Sharing and recognition of good practices will lead to improved motivation of trainers and training establishments, and will instill a culture of service and excellence to ensure efficiencies in public service delivery.Monitoring and Evaluation will be recognised as an integral component of all trainings to measure impact and improve efficiency and effectiveness.  The symposium will encourage peer learning which will be leveraged in the online forum for idea exchange and help in continuous capacity building of trainers.

The NSET through its dynamic website (http://nset.gov.in) will provide a platform and continuous contact hub for all training practitioners.